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The bonds we’ve developed with our farmers allow us to know where our ingredients come from.

Relationships aren’t made, they’re forged together. We’ve weathered changes in the marketplace and in technology. Each hurdle has been a testament to the very first handshake and all that have followed. Many of our farmers participate in our interest-free Value Chain Financing Scheme which is just one of the ways AgroWays helps them to operate with less risk and less worry. Every AgroWays farmer is like family.

The green areas on the map below represent regions in Uganda where we purchase our commodities from.

Agroways has promoted the regional production of the highest quality corn, while also paying strong premiums for that quality.
Smallholder Grower
Kapchorwa , Uganda
We would consider things with AgroWays that we wouldn't consider with anyone else because they've been truly a partner as opposed to just a supplier.
We have the 4th generation in the operation of this farm that my Grandad bought in 1930, and have been doing business with Agroways for over 15 years. They have helped us improve the quality of the product we deliver.
Smallholder Grower
Kapchorwa, Uganda
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