AgroWays (U) Limited



Finding the right grade of grains and cereals to fit the technical needs of your product can be a challenging task. But AgroWays is up to the challenge. Our highly trained grain grading teams are present to identify, grade and segregate grains into pre-determined storage areas as quickly and accurately as possible. The processes we use for the grading of grains also allows for selective blending. This means you can determine which combination of grains best matches your contractual specifications at the time of loading out. In turn, this optimization of blends maximizes the value of your commodity by utilizing the data on quality to determine the best averages of available products. This automatically saves on your costs for grains and cereal ingredients.

Our philosophy is simple... “Provide our clients with the products and services they require, where they require them and on time, in the quantities and quality required and within budget, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, technical proficiency and quality of service”.

We produce a variety of dry blends, including:

Flexible custom grading and blending to meet your specific requirement are not all. We are also flexible to meet your label requirements. We can package in customized bags of different sizes labeled to customer’s choice.

Some common ingredients include:


Our facilities are conveniently situated and accessible, allowing customers to find us with ease. As a result, transportation costs are reduced.