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Core Principals of integrated farming system

Wherever our activities are, emphasis is on the relationship between ecological sustainability and economic viability.

We pride in what we have so far achieved in imparting knowledge and skills to our farming community since we began our Sustainability Program in 2018. From the beginning we have focused on integrated farming system where the “waste” from one component becomes the input for another part of the system, which reduces cost and improves production and /or income

5 Core Principals of integrated farming system



Our farmers practice Integrated Farming System as a way of naturally sustaining their agricultural systems by integrating livestock, crop and production, fish, poultry, tree, crops, as well as plantation crops and other systems that benefit each other.  It is based on the concept that ‘there is no waste’ and ‘waste’ from one system as a valuable input to the other. Our, goal of this sustainability program is to technically support and drive continuous improvement by tracking changes over time and introducing new ideas to our growers.


Our commitment to quality and service is demonstrated by the certifications held by our grain handling facilities. Each facility is independently certified by an industry-accredited agency. If you require a certification that isn’t listed below, let us know and we’ll see if that certification is an option.

Food Safety

As proof of our commitment to providing safe, high-quality products, AgroWays’ facilities have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System in Sourcing, Storage, Processing and trading in grain and cereal based products. 


Our facilities certified Grain Warehouses by the East African Grain Council for grain Quality handling, storage and trade and proudly displays the EAGC logo at all its gates. 




More than just a grains and cereals ingredient supplier, we are a proactive partner, operating with reliability and consistency to ensure both our farmers and off -takers operate with less risk and less worry. We shall be where you need us, when you need us, searching for new and better ways of doing things to always support our farmers and our customers.

To our farmers, AgroWays doesn’t want to just buy grain from you. We want to help you be successful, whether that means choosing seed, finding areas of improvement agronomical practices on your farm, or post-harvest handling. We are always looking to partner with farmers who can supply quality None-GMO organic or conventional grains. 

To our esteemed customers, AgroWays doesn’t want to just supply grain and cereal ingredients to you. We also plan together and bring solutions to your sourcing challenges, whether that means providing storage and relief from the burden of keeping large stocks in inventory, mitigating seasonal price fluctuations, consistence in quality, or consistence in supply all year round. It’s a long-range approach but then again, we plan to be with you in a long partnership.


Looking to satisfy consumers’ growing taste for food that aligns with their values and dietary needs? AgroWays holds a variety of certifications, allowing you to source an abundance of pure and healthy products. We’ve even created a few proprietary systems to ensure that we can meet your precise requirements.


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